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Denver Web and Video provides quality, cost-effective SEO and content development to optimally present your product or service. We can work with any budget; we’re interested in what you’re doing and making the process more successful.


Content Development

content is kingGoogle uses over 200 ranking factors to determine which content ranks highest. The algorighm continues to evolve, but one thing remains true; Content is King.

If you know who your target audience is, and you create content that’s of interest to them, they will want to read it. And if they want to read your content, your site will get more visits, through organic search and social media posts.

Ultimately, by focusing on quality content, more people will come to know about you and your product or service.

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seo-contentIdeally, SEO always comes first; before website design, before content development. That’s because the Search Engine Optimization process discovers the best keywords to optimize your content for.

Proven Results – Denver Web and Video more than doubled page views for client TransMagic, Inc. in 7 short months (May 2019 to December 2019) using a combination of SEO and targeted content development. This was accomplished in large part on just a few hours a week.

Competitive Analysis – One of the best places to start with SEO is to look at what your competitors are doing, learning from their successes. Looking at number of monthly searches, how well the search phrase fits your product and your target audience, and the quality of content for that phrase, you can strategically pursue and rank well for optimal search phrases, sometimes within just a few weeks.

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Monthly Content Bundle – $995/mo

Dramatically increase your targeted traffic &  further define your competitive edge, all while providing helpful, valuable content to prospects and customers.

1. SEO Competitive Analysis

We look at what’s working for your top 3-5 competitors, and where your best SEO opportunities are, both in terms of monthly organic search and keyword difficulty. That gives us the data we need to make the best strategic decisions on blog and video content.

2. Three Blog Posts

The blog keywords come first, and are derived from the SEO competitive analysis and your input. In terms of length, studies suggest that most high-ranking blog posts are at least 1000 words, and posts with 2100-2400 words rank the highest.

We provide two blog posts of aproximately 1000 words with at least one image, and one in-depth blog post of 2100-2400 words with multiple images.

All images or figures should augment the blog post so that it is more visually interesting and scannable. If you already have the right images, great! If we can take them on your premises, that works also. Otherwise, we can acquire and modify stock images.

3. A Short Video

Help your customers see what it is you do with a 1-3 minute video. You can choose to speak into the camera,  highlight your service or production area, or highlight your digital or physical product. By consistently creating video content, you build your YouTube and LinkedIn presence, clearly demonstrate your product or service, and increase your web traffic.

Your monthly video is then leveraged with some relevant words and extractions to become your fourth blog post.

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- Anthony Marshall, President, Leatherneck Precision Machine

Brad at Denver Web and Video did an excellent job making my company’s web site look cleaner and more professional. He also designed a new company logo that represents the company properly. Brad also took the time to come onsite at our facility to do some videos of our operation in action.

I highly recommend Brad at Denver Web and Video for his professionalism and dedication to helping small busineses be successful with their web and multimedia projects.

- Ed Wilson, Owner of Minatronics

Five star thank you to Brad Strong of DenverWebandVideo.com for helping develop an ad and web pages that provide a complete roadmap for any alarm installer to install our fiber optic security zones.

- Ardy Falaki, Voteblast CEO

Brad Strong helped us at Voteblast with a short marketing video highlighting Voteblast’s benefits as a tool for consumers to vote on products, events, debates, services and more.

Though I as CEO had the original vision for what the video should look like, Brad dug deeply into the project and on many occasions suggested edits which ultimately helped make the video better.

Brad was punctual and performed quality work, and I can highly recommend Brad for videos that have to do with marketing and explaining software functionality.

- Krista Shiner, Owner of Shiner Studios

Brad helped pull together various aspects of my website technically, visually, and especially in consideration of today’s marketing needs. He took video that allowed me to connect with potential clients and placed it within the home page. He also noticed and corrected errors in image sizes that were slowing my site.

Brad is timely, professional, and always follows up. He’s even checked on my sites overall functionality without my asking. I highly recommend him for developing a website that is conducive to market needs.

-Jessica Olsen, Physics and Astronomy Instructor, Cherry Creek High School

Denver Web and Video created a fun projectile simulation for our physics students.  Our kids love it!  It is accurate, challenging and a fun way to learn how to analyze and predict projectile motion.  They like the humor written into the game too!  My test scores for the 2-D motion unit have noticeably improved since we’ve been using it. 

- Dan Chandler, Owner of Due Diligence Home Inspections

Denver Web and Video did a really nice job with my website Duediligencehomeinspections.com. We are very pleased with the work performed and the professional manner with which it was done. Our website looks great and the SEO has increased, bringing more views to our site.