Video Production

Video ProductionVideo is easily the most powerful media for marketing and training; video boosts conversions and sales, shows great ROI, builds trust, encourage social sharing (and that’s just to name a few reasons!).

We fill the niche between a low-end video recorded on your smart phone and an expensive professional video costing thousands, to give you the most cost effective result.  

Denver Web and Video will work alongside you or your in-house experts to craft a video that explains how your product or service can benefit prospects.

We can provide traditional video, screen captured video (ie, Camtasia) and script / storyboard editing. 

Our Video Process

Our standard video process was created for those who already have a pretty good idea of what they want to say, and are interested in generating a few videos in a short amount of time, covering diverse aspects of their product or service. This includes the following elements:

  • Determine your desired outcome and create a narrative. Include discussion of competitive analysis.
  • Create a storyboard & make sure the shots are practical and achievable.
  • Tune the narrative and storyboard until it flows.
  • Video shoot – usually achievable in 2-3 hours.
  • Edit shots to fit the narration, add B-roll if available.
  • Five lines of text, logo & call to action added to each video.
  • Client has access to all video generated, for use in snippets, B-roll and stills.


Examples of Work

This is a short, nonproprietary excerpt from a video produced for eStoneworks.

A video to demonstrate how to add a splice point to fiber optic cable for Minatronics.com.

This animation demonstrates the benefits of TransMagic for CAD workflow optimization..

This video uses screen capture to demonstrate Voteblast software functionality.

Anthony Marshall explains the benefits of fast machining in front of his new Haas VF 2 SS mill. 

Krista Shiner explains her integrated approach to painting & decorative surface treatments.

A quick overview of TransMagic’s R12 SP2 capabilities, captured with Camtasia and post-production in After Effects.

Overview of TransMagic Powerpack for Inventor and SOLIDWORKS; captured with Camtasia, post-production in After Effects.

Overview of TransMagic COMMAND, animated in Flash and captured with Camtasia. 

Give us a call and let’s discuss your video idea!